Spabear is the fun, convenient and affordable new way to book beauty services in your home! What Spabear is creating is a revolutionary new way to get your nails, waxing and more done! We’re doing that by changing the way people meet their beauticians and receive their services. How does it work? You can meet a professional and book a service all from the convenience of your computer or phone.

It’s such a luxury to be served in your home that it is hard to believe that these services are also really affordable. This is because the “middle man” (such as a salon) is taken out. Clients and beauticians are able to create real, lasting relationships. Clients have the potential to earn some great rewards and gifts and to refer friends in order to earn discounted services. This system is also beneficial to the beauticians as they are able to work outside of a salon environment and have the potential to make much more money. In this high-tech world with so many busy people and such active lives, that spabear simply makes sense.

Give it a try. Fill out the survey at to get a free in-home service and 90 day free membership and get ready to “stay home with Spabear!”

Visit our website at for more information

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